Grindworks, Inc.
Precision Grinding for Aerospace & Related Industries
Dave Krause, President - Phone:  (623)582-5767; Fax:  (623)582-5767;

About Us

Grindworks, Inc. is second to none in its ability to Finish Grind, Hone, or Lap all materials including Ceramics, Glass, Carbides, Titanium, Heat Treated Aluminium Oxide, Beryllium, and Aircraft Related Composites to tolerances down to .00005.  Grindworks, Inc. also offers a wide range of services specializing in Pressure and Flow Measuring Equipment, Aircraft Ground Support Tooling, Butterfly Shafts, Stretch Shafts, Valve Bodies, and Needle Valves to Landing Gear.

It is the mission of our Management Team, Quality Control Personnel, and Staff to be the best Grinding, Honing and Lapping Facility on the face of the Earth.  It is our goal to provide our customers with the tightest tolerances and superior finishes ever thought possible, using state of the art Grinding, Honing and Lapping Processes.

Dave Krause, President
Phone:  (623)582-5767
Fax:  (623)582-5767
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