Grindworks, Inc.
Precision Grinding for Aerospace & Related Industries
Dave Krause, President - Phone:  (623)582-5767; Fax:  (623)582-5767;


The following is a list of some of the other tools we utilize at Grindworks, Inc.  We may have additional items on site that are not updated on this site.  Please feel free to contact us at with any inquiries you may have regarding additional tools.

Hoffman Coolant Filtration System
System One Parts Washer
Jet Band Saw HVBS-7MW
Ingersoll-Rand T30 Air Compressor
Schmitt Industries Wheel Balancers
Stuhr Wheel Balancer
Drill Press Continental

Dave Krause, President
Phone:  (623)582-5767
Fax:  (623)582-5767
E-mail Address:

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